Curriculum vitae

Barbara Amodeo

Vice President
Barbara Amodeo
Vice President, Engineering and Inspection Services

Barbara Amodeo is Vice President of HSB Canada responsible for Engineering and Inspection Services

Barbara joined HSB Canada with over 36 years of insurance industry experience having held various senior management roles at major commercial insurers and reinsurers. The Board of Directors appointed her Assistant Vice President in 2014 and Vice President in 2016. Barbara holds a Bachelor of Science degree, Civil Engineering, from Rutgers University.

Barbara has also previously led the Claims organization and built up our capabilities for both our traditional commercial business as well as our newer personal lines customers, while aligning with HSB on technologies and service delivery processes for all of our client groups.

HSB‘s technical risk capabilities are one of our greatest strengths and sources of opportunity to provide strategic differentiation for HSB, through technologically modern loss control services and engineering value to our core business and new products and Barbara leads our continued pursuit of digital work processes and coordinates the strength, talents and capabilities of our Engineering and Inspection workforces, which are at the foundation of our business.