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Farmowners Equipment Breakdown

Modern farmers couldn’t make a living without their equipment and machinery. Yet many of these farmowners have no insurance to protect themselves - and their livelihoods - in the event equipment, machinery or a mobile farm implement breaks down.

HSB Farmowners Equipment and Machinery Breakdown coverage gives them affordable insurance protection for even the most sophisticated systems found on today’s farms. This protection covers risks that a standard farmowners policy leaves out, including property damage, spoilage and business interruptions:


  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Microelectronic failures
  • Electrical short circuits
  • Centrifugal force
  • Boiler overheating, cracking and bulging
  • Pressure vessel bulging cracking and collapse
  • Business computers located in dwelling
  • Service interruption

What it covers

In addition to direct physical damage to covered equipment, Farmowners Equipment and Machinery Breakdown also protects lost farm income, the loss value of spoiled products and materials, expenses to limit loss and speed recovery, data restoration, and more.

How HSB is better

  • HSB’s Microelectronics coverage, included in our standard farm equipment breakdown product, covers failures when physical damage is not detectable or when firmware or software failure causes non-physical damage.
  • HSB’s optional Farm Implement coverage provides breakdown insurance for mobile agricultural implements and external electronics used to operate or control your farm implements. Implements are such as seeders, spreaders, sprayers, and tillers that are pulled, pushed or drawn over land while in operation.
  • HSB Renewable Energy Extra Expense coverage is standard and pays for the extra expense of purchasing replacement energy made necessary by a breakdown to electrical generating equipment, and the loss of renewable energy credits and offsets when breakdowns to renewable energy power sources occur.
  • HSB’s optional Contract Farmers Loss of Income insurance pays the value of the contract for contract grown livestock should an equipment breakdown occur and livestock be lost.
  • HSB pays for crop damage when equipment repairs need to be made in the field resulting in crop damage and for replanting costs.
  • HSB’s optional Contract Farmers Loss of Income insurance pays the value of the contract for contract grown livestock should an equipment breakdown occur and livestock be lost.

Examples of covered equipment include:


  • Pumps for irrigation and farm animal water supply
  • Generators to power farm machinery and for back-up power
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Farm refrigeration units
  • Boilers and pressure vessels
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Farm water heaters
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Computers and electronic equipment
  • Stationary farm machinery, engines and motors
  • Dwelling house systems, appliances and electronics

How to get it

Agents and brokers can access HSB's Farmowners Equipment and Machinery Breakdown coverage through farm insurers and farm bureau companies that partner with HSB to offer an enhancement or endorsement to their farmowners policies.

Agriculture Equipment Resources

Help prevent performance issues and premature breakdown of farm equipment with maintenance tips from HSB engineers.
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