Cyber Safety™ Offers Big Protection for Smaller Businesses

Best-in class cyber services exclusive to HSB Cyber Suite customers

Smaller businesses often can’t afford an IT expert to help prevent a cyber-attack. Now, we can help. HSB Cyber Suite has been enhanced to include new web-based cybersecurity services that can save your customers thousands of dollars.

Easy-to-use cybersecurity tools

We’ve added Cyber Safety™ powered by Zeguro to every new HSB Cyber Suite policy, providing businesses with easy-to-use cybersecurity tools typically available to larger companies.

Only HSB offers these services

Cyber Safety™ is exclusive to HSB Cyber Suite and our insurance partners, offering professional website vulnerability scans, employee training, and guidelines for contract and regulatory compliance - the first to offer these valuable services in the small and mid-size business market.

Give your customers what they need

Why are these services important? A recent survey by Zogby Analytics showed that half of companies want trackable training online and two-thirds want cybersecurity website scanning.

Saving them thousands of dollars

According to Zeguro, a leading cyber risk management company focusing on smaller businesses, the average IT budget is $10,000 and it would cost approximately $750 to purchase the cybersecurity services it offers through HSB Cyber Suite directly from a provider.

Expanded coverage, and much more

Other enhancements to HSB Cyber Suite add several new insurance coverages, including computer system upgrades, hardware replacement and lost income from reputational harm.

Loss prevention and tech support

HSB Cyber Suite also gives customers access to the eRisk Hub® cyber resources website, My Tech Support troubleshooting, and HSB’s extensive network of leading cyber incident response vendors.

Learn more about it

Visit our website to learn more about HSB Cyber Suite and Cyber Safety, or contact your HSB representative.