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HSB Whistlestop for Partners

September 2020

HSB’s new brand – what it means to you:

New capabilities, easier integration, increased value

HSB is on the move and there’s much more to come. We announced earlier this year that going forward we’ll simply be known as HSB and we’re excited to share our thinking behind our new brand. Read more about what it means to you and view our video.

New HSB survey shows cyber-crimes rising

Digital illustration of cyber security lock

U.S. consumers are worried about their data security, and they have a reason to be. The latest HSB cyber survey shows a continuing increase in identity theft, cyber-attacks and online fraud as criminals steal personal information and millions of dollars.

Get back to work without breaking down

Engineer with tablet device

As many businesses shut down or scaled back production because of the COVID 19 pandemic, their facilities and equipment have been idle for months. Now, businesses are preparing to resume operations as conditions permit. Don’t neglect your equipment – it’s critical to take steps to protect critical equipment, systems and cyber security.

Recent paid claim

Hospital loses air conditioning when compressor breaks down

Damage to the electronic controls in a hospital's HVAC system went unnoticed until one of the compressors broke down. A chiller kept running until the tubes froze and leaked, resulting in severe related damage to a compressor and other parts.

Total Paid Loss: $54,118

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