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HSB’s new brand – what it means to you

New capabilities, easier integration, increased value

HSB is on the move and there’s much more to come.

We announced earlier this year that going forward we’ll simply be known as HSB. And we’re excited to share our thinking behind our new brand and what is means to you.

New name, new logo

Our new brand streamlines our identity for our businesses worldwide and recognizes our evolution as a forward-thinking specialty insurer and risk management partner. Our new locomotive logo is contemporary and clean, while staying true to our heritage.

Watch our video to learn more about our dynamic new brand.

Same client focus

This is a new identity, not a reorganization. HSB’s foundation in client-focused service continues and our day-to-day operations will remain the same. We’re in this for the long haul, staying at the leading edge of specialty insurance, engineering and inspection services.

Power of technology

Our new brand reflects our unique view of how technology can enhance the value of our products and services. And the many ways that our digital strategy uses data and analytics to provide you with tools you need to keep ahead of emerging risks.

The latest innovations

Equipment breakdown will continue to be a thriving part of HSB’s business. At the same time our clients and insurance partners can harness a wide range of HSB specialty products and services, such as cyber insurance, built on the latest technologies and innovations.

Investing in new technologies

HSB invests in new technologies to help customers reduce loss, stand out from competitors and get closer to their clients. One example: our industry leading IoT sensor solutions that help small businesses prevent property loss and business interruptions.

Working together, closer than ever

New digital capabilities make it easier to do business with HSB. New technology will allow us to integrate into your workflow to be more responsive and enhance our claim service with new features such as virtual loss inspections by HSB adjusters and equipment specialists.

Doing what we do best

We’re in this for the long haul: evolving to stay at the leading edge of specialty insurance. And we’re still part of Munich Re and will continue to receive the support of our parent company.

Look for more to come

We’re making changes that HSB clients and insurance partners will notice more and more as time goes on, through new capabilities, easier integration and increased value.

Have questions? Watch our video or contact your HSB representative.