New Approach, New Savings

With the SaaS solution, you can do more with the budget you have.

From CapEx to OpEx

Aging, inefficient steam infrastructure is a harsh reality across industries; but finding the capital to replace existing production can be a tall order. With Saas, we deliver a state-of-the-art steam plant to your facility, but with zero capital investment. How? It’s because we’ve upended the model for steam generation. We take care of design, build, operations, administration, and insurance — you pay just a single, monthly fee. SaaS moves steam from your capital budget to your operations budget. That means significant savings from almost day one. 

Learn more about the SaaS model with this Steam-as-a-Service costs FAQ.

Do you know the true cost of your steam?

You're probably paying a lot more than you think.

Only Pay for the Steam You Need

Decades-old, legacy boilers can take hours to reach full heat. That slow start, along with the need for redundancy, often mean a facility is forced to run aging boilers constantly. In essence, you have to make a lot more steam than you actually need. SaaS eliminates that. The modular, small-boiler system gets to full heat in five minutes. If you lose one unit, the remaining units keep you operational. And if your needs change, you can scale your capacity accordingly. You virtually eliminate costly redundancies. 

A Predictable, Monthly Payment

Fluid or unexpected costs can disrupt even the best laid plans. SaaS takes that variable out of the equation. We deliver steam for a single, predictable monthly payment. Which means you can plan your year with one less worry. 

The Value of Peace of Mind

Included with your single monthly payment is...peace of mind.

  • Performance and operational guarantees ensure that your steam needs are met without interruption, letting you focus on adding more value to your operation.
  • Scheduling repairs, keeping spares on hand, and looming costs from unplanned downtime are no longer your concerns to worry, plan, or pay for.
  • Eliminate all of the costs and concerns around workforce scheduling, training, and compliance.


The value of peace of mind is knowing that your steam is there when you need it. 

High Efficiency Means Lower Costs

To make steam, you have to burn fuel — it’s the most costly piece of steam generation. SaaS, and the highly fuel-efficient boilers that are part of the solution, can cut fuel needs by up to 20 percent.

Get Proactive, Not Reactive

Steam, for all its critical value, is often out of sight, out of mind; you don’t think about it until something goes wrong. But a sudden loss of steam can spell disaster for the enterprise, and bring with it huge costs — shutdowns, total system replacement, a whole host of headaches. SaaS delivers next-gen steam generation for no upfront cost, so you can head off catastrophic failure — and the scramble for capital that often follows.    

Steam-as-a-Service | A New Approach to Steam

We’d love to talk with you about how SaaS can work for your enterprise. Get in touch today to learn how this innovative new offering can put your steam needs in the hands of experts, so you can focus on what you do best.