IoT Comes of Age

Our next-gen IoT allows us to optimize your system’s performance, guaranteed.

IoT, Made for Your Business

Our IoT is made for steam. It’s purpose-built to monitor and track the data proven to matter most. And the SaaS system delivers 3X the data of traditional steam IoT. We can offer this next step in IoT technology because of our many years of experience in remote monitoring. Miura has been building their capacity for four decades, since data were collected over fax lines. And HSB has led the way in real-world testing and development of equipment, sensors, and the intelligent systems that process data. The SaaS team leads the way in steam IoT. 

Continuous Optimization

We harness data not just from your boilers, but from boilers around the world. The network of Miura installations is tens of thousands strong. And the unprecedented amount of data delivers deep insights into performance across a huge variety of conditions. That means we can continually optimize your system, based on what we’ve learned leads to maximum efficiency for your particular configuration and steam needs.

Predictive Maintenance

With the right technology, predicting problems before they happen is now a reality. Our IoT delivers advance notice, so we can take care of equipment issues before they occur. Sometimes, that means remote troubleshooting. But with on-the-ground operations, maintenance, and administration experts at the ready, you can rest assured that our people will be on site, before you even know they need to be there. 

Steam-as-a-Service | A New Approach to Steam

We’d love to talk with you about how SaaS can work for your enterprise. Get in touch today to learn how this innovative new offering can put your steam needs in the hands of experts, so you can focus on what you do best.