HSB Connected Technologies

At HSB Connected Technologies, we support the exploration and development of new technologies for the Internet-of-Things, AI, and cyber-risk applications. With our deep network of innovative partners we are shifting the paradigm from reactive to predictive.

Metal Manufacturing Transformed

Introducing a new way to manufacture laser cut parts. Uniting the best-in-class capabilities of Trumpf and Munich Re Group, our breakthrough, pay-per-part model offers companies in the sheet metal processing industry entirely new and disruptive business and production capabilities. With access to the latest automated laser cutting technologies and a planned performance guarantee, customers will be insured against potential production downtime.

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SOC 2 Type 1 Certification

Recently, Meshify received the Service Organization Control (SOC 2®) Type 1 Audit certification for its commercial IoT platform’s data security controls. This certification provides our clients the confidence that we are using rigorous processes and controls to safeguard their data.

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Energy Savings Guarantee

By harnessing the power of advanced Artificial Intelligence and data analytics, Carbon Lighthouse is on a mission to stop climate change by addressing energy demand in the built environment. To backstop potential energy savings guarantee shortfalls, Carbon Lighthouse turned to HSB to underwrite their energy savings predictions.

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Innovation & Collaboration in AI

Our focus on Artificial Intelligence with recent investment and partnership in Augury has strengthened our leadership in both industrial IoT and insurance and continues our century and a half tradition of embracing technology to help our customers and to make the world a safer and better place. From this partnership, Guaranteed Diagnostics has emerged.

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IoT Solution for Schools

Provide peace of mind for school officials and risk management staff knowing that the school is being monitored 24/7 even when they are not on-site. HSB Connected Technologies' new customized IoT solution for schools protects school buildings and equipment against water leaks, freezing pipes, mold, and perishable goods spoilage.

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Made to Measure, Regardless of Size

HSB Connected Technologies’ network of platform and technology partners enables actionable data and monitoring at-scale. This creates an aware ecosystem applicable for any real-world business scenario. Backed by over 150 years of engineering experience, our suite of turnkey and customizable solutions recognizes risks and opportunities, equipping any industrial, commercial, or residential enterprise to seamlessly enter the next generation of new business models, enhanced optimization, and improved customer experiences. 


Production optimization, predictive maintenance, and equipment as a service solutions are designed to conserve resources and interact with proprietary data in new and innovative ways.



Solutions built to offer insurance partners new ways to engage customers and prevent water leaks, temperature hazards, and equipment breakdown within main street businesses.



Connected technologies focused on the prediction and prevention of water leaks, freezes, faulty wiring, and dangerous temperatures.

Leak & Freeze Sensors

HSB Meshify

Low-cost, easy to install, cellular technology is here. Introducing Meshify Leak & Freeze sensors, the simplest way for an organization to adopt IoT technology into their environment. Combining our technical expertise with the latest advances in cellular communication and data analysis, the HSB Meshify sensor seamlessly fits into any physical location and identifies dangerous conditions related to water leaks and freeze conditions.