Terms and conditions for the use of the Topics Online Forum

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Terms and conditions for the use of the Topics Online Forum

Welcome to Munich Re’s Topics Online Forum. In order to take part in a debate, you first need to register. By agreeing to these terms and conditions upon registration and by taking part in the Forum, you accept the following terms and conditions for using the Forum:

1. Contents (e.g. comments) may only be written and posted by persons who have entered a valid e-mail address and their full real name. Use of the Forum for commercial purposes is not allowed.

2. The user undertakes to comply with statutory provisions regarding contents and their posting. In particular, therefore, it is impermissible for users to post contents that are pornographic, racist or glorify violence, to incite crime or to violate the personal rights of others. This also applies to posting links to other websites. Munich Re reserves the right to delete or not release contributions whose content is of a promotional, criminal, offensive or otherwise unacceptable nature. This includes contributions that have nothing to do with the topic being debated. Munich Re also has the right to process or move topics and contributions, or to close debates. No notification will be provided regarding contributions that are deleted or not released. Should you come across contributions whose content appears dubious to you or which in your view may constitute a violation of the law, please let us know (preferably by e-mail via "Contact" on the top right of the webpage).

3. Users must remain fair and objective in their contributions. The opinions and statements of other participants must be respected. Contributions should have a close connection with the topic that is being debated. Munich Re reserves the right to bar users from the Forum on a permanent basis.

4. To avoid unnecessarily long uploading times, users are requested not to attach images. The Forum also serves to provide for an objective and verbal exchange of opinions and discussion between registered users. Therefore users are also requested not to post one-word comments (like "right" or "lol") or use emoticons (smileys).

5. By posting contents, the user grants Munich Re an exclusive licence for the duration of the underlying right, without restriction as to place or time, to use the contents further for any purposes, either online or offline. Munich Re will endeavour to always name the originator but reserves the right to abbreviate or dispense with this information. Munich Re reserves the right not to show contents on the website, to show them for a limited period only, or to shorten or otherwise modify them. Contents posted by users reflect the opinion of their author only and not that of Munich Re.

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