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Remote Inspection Solution

The next level in claims management

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    Claims and underwriting inspections have never been this easy

    • Using our Android or iOS compatible app, policyholders can settle their auto or property claim on their smartphone within minutes.
    • A claims adjustor can view the damage and capture inspection notes in real time.
    • Underwriters can use this solution to expedite the underwriting inspection process and eliminate the need for third-party inspection services.

    Remote Inspection Solution’s multiple uses – multiple benefits


    • Enables collaboration with the policyholder in real-time to document property damage at any location.
    • Facilitates agreement on scope between contractor and insurer.


    • Provides immediate and accurate auto claim information by documenting the damage and the scene of the accident.


    • Speeds home inspections for a policy renewal (check roof conditions, structural changes and/or new hazards and more).


    • Facilitates an expedient, comprehensive inspection. 

    The Remote Inspection Solution is designed to help you manage claims and underwriting inspections by:

    Elevating the customer experience
    Within minutes of downloading an app on their smartphone, customers can connect with a claims inspector, sharing not only images of their loss, but also their questions and concerns.
    Reducing overall claims/underwriting costs
    Reduces travel time and expenses, while maximizing precious inspector resources.
    Expediting claims and underwriting inspections
    A claim can be settled in the same day (in many cases) with fast, comprehensive, custom reports and photos to document the loss. This tool expedites the underwriting inspection process by reducing the need for a third party to conduct the inspection.
    Merging Existing
    The product can easily be integrated into an existing system and can incorporate current templates, questionnaires and reports.

    Remote Inspections Webinar - The Next Generation of Digital Support for Insurance, Maintenance and Safety Inspections

    Learn more details about the product by viewing our latest webinar here.

    Make confident decisions across the policy lifecycle

    The Remote Inspection Solution provides access to the most up-to-date live documentation while providing an unparalleled customer experience. Now you can mitigate risk with ease and speed across your entire book of business.

    Pre-qualify new risks – The Remote Inspection Solution capabilities make it easy to partner with a property owner, agent, or engineer to inspect and visually document the relevant features and conditions of the property.

    Identify risk factors pre-quote – With the Remote Inspection Solution, you can identify and assess risk factors before generating an offer. This saves time and may also prevent the need for later negative actions or policy cancellations. 

    Evaluate risk instantly/thoroughly – No need to wait for third party inspection firms to schedule inspections days or weeks out. Connect instantly and automatically to complete a comprehensive inspection report and allow your experts to make timely underwriting decisions.

    Confirm quote or support adjustments – Documentation is the key when making adjustments or when confirming that you have made the right decision. Remote inspections can be quick and with your expert controlling the interaction, you are assured of getting the correct information for your file.

    Verify recommendations are in place – Risk control recommendations and standards are a large part of many agreements. Monitoring the implementation of these recommendations is important and with both parties participating using the Remote Inspection Solution tool, everyone is informed and can agree on any corrections that are needed.

    Simplify recurring inspections – Recurring inspections are critical as they are the best way to insure that standards are maintained. The Remote Inspection Solution allows you to eliminate the travel costs and time, while still providing a platform to inspect, collaborate and agree on findings.

    Identify changes in risk profile – Many changes can take place over the life of a policy. Upon renewal, the Remote Inspection Solution provides a means to identify any relevant changes in the insured property before making commitments on renewal details.

    Evaluate/confirm property condition – As properties age and mature, the risk of damage increases dramatically and many components require replacement. By utilizing the Remote Inspection Solution, your experts can assess these components and make recommendations if needed. Since the inspection is completed during a live connection with the policyholder, there is opportunity for discussion and agreement before final decisions are made.

    Confirm or even settle losses instantly – With the Remote Inspection Solution, some simple claims can be settled at the first notice of loss. This results in a satisfied customer and an adjuster who can confidently move to the next loss. If the claim is too complex to be adjusted with this type of inspection, the loss can be confirmed, allowing the adjuster to issue advance payments or initiate other claims processes much faster.

    Allocate expert resources more efficiently – There are never enough experts available when needed, particularly when catastrophes occur. The Remote Inspection Solution allows a single adjuster to be many places at the same time. By eliminating travel time, your adjusters can operate at a much higher efficiency level. According to industry reports, delayed claims services is the number two complaint from insureds. Your customers will appreciate the faster, more efficient service you now offer by using the Remote Inspection Solution as your “go to tool” in settling claims.

    Hear from one of our valued customers


    How does it work? Simply!

    Whether for a property or auto inspection, the Remote Inspection Solution greatly streamlines the process, providing benefits to insurers and policyholders.

    Claims adjuster/inspector

    • Helps policyholder download app on smartphone
    • Views live video feed, documents the condition of the insured’s property (home/auto)
    • Confirms location of client (geo coordinates) Creates a customized instant report –from one dashboard
    • Immediate inspection results move the file to quick resolution
    screen of the remote inspection solution tool.


    • submits a claim or an application
    • Uses phone to video and/or take pictures of the location and/or damage
    • Communicates all their information easily and with no delays for appointment scheduling 

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    Larry Calhoun
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    Venture Lead

    Remote Inspection Solution Factsheet

    Get more details on our Remote Inspection Solution product.