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Streamline the property claims process after a natural catastrophe and help your homeowners recover faster.

Catastrophic natural events continue to increase in frequency and severity, turning homeowners’ lives upside-down before, during, and after the event. Insurers struggle to manage a large influx of claims with limited resources and frustrated policyholders. Munich Re’s Remote Industries hurricane tool suite and Remote Inspection Tool provide innovative claims management solutions that speed the process of recovery for everyone. 
Hurricane tool suite
Next-generation hurricane claims management
Munich Re
Advanced technologies allow our hurricane tool suite to deliver fast damage assessment and response times – before, during, and after an event. High-resolution aerial imagery, remote sensing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) all contribute to superior claims management and an exceptional experience for customers. The suite provides: 
Property-specific loss prediction – up to four days before event
Use the loss protection to better estimate adjusters needed, help homeowners reduce damage. *
Rapid damage detection after landfall
Property-specific roof damage reports four days after landfall – for more effective claims triage. *
Improved claims management
Detect damages before First Notice of Loss; manage claims resources more efficiently to help reduce loss adjustment expenses.
Post-Hurricane repair status
Visual confirmation of repair status via aerial imagery available six months after event.
*Please note that four-day time period may vary due to weather conditions.

Inspect, report, and settle a claim in real time without an on-site inspection and with greater safety, using this innovative and simple-to-use technology. Save field adjusting resources for complex losses and use this tool to facilitate claims involving less severe home and auto damage (broken windows, minor car damage). Policyholders benefit from the convenience of not having to wait for an appointment as well as expedited claims settlements.

  •  Policyholder uses an easy-to-install app to record damage via video or photos right on the spot (auto or property). Inspector instantly sees the damage policyholders see.
  • Policyholder receives confirmation of inspection in minutes
  • Claims adjuster views images, obtains location of client, captures report notes – all from one simple dashboard
Remote Inspection Tool
The Remote Inspection Tool can also help to facilitate agreement on scope between the building contractor and insurer, and can speed home inspections for policy renewal.
Hurricane tool suite
Next-generation hurricane claims management
Munich Re

Take your claims management to the next level.

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