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Insurance solutions for sales and marketing

Consulting services covering the entire sales spectrum

Many times, an insurance product is not a success despite great benefits and innovative features, because the distribution channel is a clear mismatch. We understand that the diversification of your existing products also means diversification of your distribution channels, and that's exactly how we can help.

Our offer

We cover the entire sales spectrum, from direct to intermediary, in both the online and offline world.

We work together on the setting up of your sales strategy that is aligned with your company strategy to achieve optimum results.  We then draw a roadmap that helps materialise your goal in a faster and more efficient manner via these strategies:

  • Channel optimisation: targeting your existing distribution channels 
  • New distribution channel: introducing new ways you can sell your products 


How we can support you

  1. We have extensive experience from our access to global markets and team of experts who have worked in various functions in sales and distribution of primary companies.  
  2. Our partners work closely with us to accelerate the times of their go-to-market; from technology providers to call center operations. 
  3. We have numerous success cases, especially in turning around portfolios, agency steering, identifying triggers for top and low performers and utilizing the tools and techniques to steer them. 
  4. We have successfully overseen an array of bancassurance collaborations and helped optimise banking consultation processes (physical) as well as pinpointing opportunities to cross-sell insurance products. 
90% of the sales of all insurance products are still converted through traditional operations worldwide. Hence, we believe it is important to align interests of all parties involved in the insurance value chain in order to increase sales even further.

Together we target each segment of an offline business acquisition: 

  1. Agency Steering: technical classification, steering, and establishment of the right oversight or remuneration scheme 
  2. Broker Management: form grading systems to alignment of strategies and KPIs 
  3. Cooperation Partners: Integration of existing partners (banks, retailers, post offices, etc.) and establish the right remuneration schemes 
  4. Call Centre Optimisation: Internal sales call centre for inbound and induced outbound sales 
  5. Campaign Management: multichannel and omnichannel orchestration, especially of the renewal experience  

We use our sales analytics capability to generate insights from sales data, trends, and metrics to set targets and forecast future sales performance.  We also help with avoiding cannibalisation of sales channels by integrating direct sales and traditional sales channels. 

Consumer behaviour and technological possibilities are driving the digital transformation of insurance: 

  • The dynamic trend of the mobile online, anytime, anywhere. 
  • The need to go ‘digital’ to access new client target segments and generate leads. 
  • A seamless user experience and convenience as the new standard. 
  • The demand for value-adding products & services. 

However, the degree of digitalisation is still very minimal when it comes to the insurance world as legacy systems and high investment costs bring many hurdles.

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We can help you to go digital by co-creating a hybrid or an end-to-end digital operation model. Together, we will create a solution which is customised to you and your market needs while complimenting your organisation’s digital readiness. 

Our services cover the entire insurance value chain:

  • Digital marketing to ensure lead generation
  • Smart customer journey and web front-end creating for quick online conversion and an enhanced UX
  • An open architecture Policy Admin System that allows seamless integration of TPA’s
  • Ecosystem of trusted partners to support digital claims, customer service and more
  • Conversion rate optimisation through web analytics
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Bushra Zafar
Bushra Zafar
Global Consulting Unit
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