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Jointly extending your product portfolio

Explore new revenue streams with customer centric propositions

Consultancy for product development, mobility concepts and connected insurance solutions

In many industries, customers are more and more used to an easy to use end-to-end service solution. Insurance companies need to develop propositions in order to meet those expectations and stay relevant to their clients. New products, product variants, new markets – novel product propositions like connected insurance products offer insurers a great deal of potential. 

Why us


  • We have extensive experience helping companies to co-develop product propositions in all lines of business sold over offline and digital channels 
  • We help you design customer centric products by using different methodologies, such as Design Thinking 
  • We plan your roadmap to launch and guide you along the way to reach the best outcome 
  • We have a comprehensive list of partners that enable you to ‘go to market’ quickly 


Our offerings

We will provide you with answers to the following questions and support you all along the value chain: 

  • Am I offering the right products? 
  • Am I reaching the target segment? 
  • Which new products would suit my customers? 
  • What will make my new products a success? 
  • Is my product pricing structure accurate? 

Our one-stop service 
Conception, design, launch and monitoring – that’s how we help you to develop your products and get them on the road. We can assist you by sharing our international expertise, providing hands-on-support during development and implementation and being your go-to person for all related challenges. 

Together we will

  • Provide, develop, challenge and prioritise ideas 
  • Design your products including pricing and wordings 
  • Test and market your proposed new or amended products 
  • Monitor key performance and sales indicators as success factors 

Whether you’re launching tried-and-tested products, new ones, or would like to tap in to new markets: we can support you from the initial product ideation to its successful launch in the market. 

Customer centric mobility insurance solutions 

Together with Munich Re’s global expertise, you start the journey of progressing your traditional motor insurance into a mobility insurance. 

With new technological developments in the automotive segment like advanced driver assistance systems, autonomous or electric vehicles, insurers are faced with a significant change in risk. With motor insurance as a significant line of business for many companies, we help you to understand new technologies in order to avoid inferior pricing and underwriting. Furthermore, we support you in developing new insurance solutions that address the changes in mobility behaviour and to utilise mobility platforms as new potentials for revenue streams. Car and ridesharing platforms are already offered in many markets but respective insurance products need innovative solutions in order to assess the risks properly. 

New mobility
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We support you on the journey of building a compelling customer proposition and translating collected telematics data into your pricing.    

It is a major challenge for insurers to build a strong customer engagement since the only touchpoints are during the sales process, the renewal and if a claim occurs. Our experts support you along the whole value chain of implementing, launching and operating a connected insurance proposition that gives you the opportunity to speak to your customer throughout the year. We understand that customers are only willing to share their data if they see a benefit in return. Munich Re assists you in developing a value proposition for your customers, picking up speed in utilising new kinds of telematics data into the underwriting and pricing process, also to be equipped for more flexible, on-demand and personalised insurance products in the future.  

Developing a compelling connected insurance solution 

Expert insight offers you new connected insurance solutions that go beyond old telematics solutions that mainly focused on hardware devices installed directly in the car. Now customers can appreciate a wide range of benefits that can simply be accessed via  low-priced smartphone applications. 

Benefits include

Better risk selection and risk assessment: Find attractive customer segments and /or support your customers in improving their driving behaviour  

Added customer value

 In return, customers can expect additional services or receiving favorable awards like free gas, coffee vouchers or premium discounts. With that, you can create more touchpoints to your customer and become increasingly relevant in their everyday life.  

Connected Onsurance
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Together with Munich Re’s mobility experts, you can overcome the challenge of implementing and launching a connected insurance product that eventually impacts all elements of your value chain. Additionally, our know-how in collecting, storing and analysing such telematics data gives you a head start to enter the world of a big data driven insurance solutions.