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Consultation for optimising architecture and business processes

Streamlined processes with digital platforms, specialised service providers and business technology support

Global Consulting creates value for your business. We help you increase effectiveness, support you in increasing efficiency and find the right specialised service provider to outsource parts of your processes. Benefit from our vast experience and industry expertise. We are your sparring partner – optimising your processes, from basic analysis to successful restructuring. 


Our offerings

Insurance companies are faced with many challenges. They have to address price-sensitive customers and streamline claims processes. We help you to identify how to unleash your full potential. 

Tackling your challenges 
Together, we can improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes. By combining these two, your service level grows and you save on resources. Let’s always think: customer first. We help you to identify the flaws in the customer experience and re-design your processes to eliminate those pitfalls. At the same time, we look for any possibility to reduce complexity, standardize business processes and eliminate redundant activities. The winners: your customers, who get a better service. 

Our process optimization services 

  • Eliminate gaps in customer experience 
  • Reduce complexity 
  • Standardise processes 
  • Eliminate redundant activities 
  • Improve operating efficiency 

Insurance companies have the opportunity to re-think their business model and create new revenue streams. For this they need to adopt what successful platform players are doing.  

The pace of digitalisation in the insurance industry has tremendously accelerated thanks to the production and availability of data and the increasing power of Artificial Intelligence. The broad use of technology in a customer’s life has become the new standard..  

For insurance companies to compete in this digital era means to re-think the legacy business model and adopt a platform or ecosystem view. We support you in building strategies that put the user at the center of everything you do, unbundle your services and connect data across all your services.  

For traditional insurers, moving at the same pace as specialised service providers can be a real challenge. This is because those providers often use the very latest technologies to build their IT infrastructure, services and product offers. So why not take advantage of their expertise and form partnerships with them? 

We have worked alongside many of our clients with specialised service providers in all areas of insurance and beyond. Thanks to our frequent monitoring of new and established service providers and our quality assessment and project expertise, we can vouch for their capabilities. This means that we can provide you with reinsurance in combination with quick and competitive access to a wide range of selected service providers which form part of our ecosystem. 

Benefit from our huge network of designated services providers. We can detect potential for improvement in your value chain and help you choose suitable partners to improve your business. We analyse potential business improvements, find the right service provider, negotiate favorable terms, and eventually combine them with a reinsurance treaty. Our areas of expertise:  

  • Claims process automation 
  • Fraud control and prevention 
  • Telematics 
  • IT infrastructure 
  • Marketing 

Rapidly evolving technologies are revolutionising a wide array of industries, including insurance. With technology advancing at never-before-seen speeds, it’s more challenging than ever for companies to keep up with the latest IT trends, much less, actively plan for possible business impacts. 

 Our promise is to partner with you from idea to monetarisation. With this in mind, business technology remains an integral part of our support. Our aspiration is to drive insurance in the digital age through applied innovation.  

Our approach

  • We support from the idea phase through to monetarisation and operation.  
  • We successfully deliver – we have a solid track record of providing innovative solutions based on the right skills and a global footprint. 
  • We actively drive your digital business – we explore technology driven business models and shape the digital agenda of our clients. 

Initiatives with cutting-edge technology  

  • Realytix – a fully automated turnkey B2B platform 
  • Non-Life Analytics Platform – From data sharing to knowledge sharing 
  • Smart Mobility – Reinventing insurance for the future of mobility 
  • Flamingo – Munich Re’s text mining platform 
  • EXITE – Design the blueprint for a platform business based on our current experiences
Contact our experts
Olaf Frank
Olaf Frank
Head of Business Technology
Global Consulting Unit
+49 (89) 3891-6496
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