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Risk solutions for the bioenergy industry

Smart coverage to promote investments in innovative energy generation

Global investments in the renewable energy industry have seen unprecedented growth in recent years. While the bioenergy sector holds great financial potential for all stakeholders involved, there are still perils that must be faced.

With Green Tech Solutions Munich Re pools unique expert resources and know-how from the area of renewable energies. Green Tech Solutions offers developers, investors and lenders insurance solutions to manage risks, cover unexpected repair costs and protect the financial viability of the project. With our Bioenergy Plant Performance Insurance, we provide better investment protection and consistent revenue stream support for owners. Together with our clients, we develop customized risk solutions to fulfil all individual needs and ensure a perfectly fitting insurance structure.

With our innovative covers we protect the balance sheet and balance cash flows for bioenergy plants and projects, benefitting all shareholders. Our solutions provide liquidity for debt service in case of production shortfalls and thereby protect the investment.

Our offering 

Bioenergy Plant Performance Insurance 

  • Output Cover
  • Repair Cover

Green Tech Solutions pools expert resources and know-how in the field of renewable energies. We offer various innovative insurance solutions for wind, solar, biomass and other green technologies globally.

The industries we serve

  • Thermal (heat) technology processes
  • Biological (digestion) technology processes
  • Bioenergy, biomass, biofuel, renewable natural gas (RNG), biodiesel
  • Waste-to-fuel (WtF), waste-to-energy (WtE), gas-to-liquid (GtL), energy-from-waste (EfW) 
  • Anaerobic Digesters

5 reasons why you should talk to us

With our Bioenergy Plant Performance Insurance, we enable bioenergy plant owners to optimize their liquidity and financial stability, even in the face of an unexpected production shortfall.

Green Tech Solutions provides tailored solutions that enable your business to transfer risk and embrace growth more readily. Through the support of Munich Re’s strong team of diverse industry experts, bioenergy plant owners can finance projects comprehensively and more cost-efficiently. A strong partnership with Munich Re indicates to potential investors and competitors the quality and sustainability of a plant’s technology and business plan. By streamlining processes and making businesses more transparent, investors can better assess the risks and therefore are more readily willing to invest capital.

The bioenergy industry is rapidly growing and as plants move forward utilizing new technologies to remain competitive, unpredictability in performance can become a risk factor. We are able to provide confidence during these times by hedging the risk of underperformance of bioenergy plants and tech thus guaranteeing a stable cash flow and investment payback. To reduce adverse effects even further, we also offer our Repair Cover for unexpected maintenance costs to ensure steady output with minimum downtime.
The two major threats to a company’s revenue stream are a shortfall in production and unscheduled repair costs. The Bioenergy Plant Performance Insurance is supported by an expert team that focuses directly on the risk management of both threats.
The Bioenergy Plant Performance Insurance grants recovery from loss in revenues in low production years thereby ensuring debt obligations and maintaining a plant’s financial stability. In addition, the Repair Cover can further mitigate risks by covering unexpected and unscheduled repair costs.
Every project faces different challenges and risks. The specifics of each project call for bespoke risk solutions. That is why, all our products for bioenergy plants can be adjusted to all involved project parties’ preferred duration of coverage, amount of risk transfer, or even individual insurance budget based on debt service, limits and the extent of coverage. By relying on our technical expertise and our strong financial backing, we are able to deliver flexible insurance structures that meet every individual demand.

How you profit from our solutions

Technology Risk Transfer to enable Investments
We support approaches to reduce carbon emissions by transmitting renewable, waste and low-value feedstocks into low-carbon products
Contributor to a climate-neutral economy by 2050
Gt CO2
equivalents of emissions in 2017. Reduction of 25% targeted by 2030