Knowledge Series - Asbestos - Anatomy of a mass tort

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Anatomy of a mass tort

The compensation of asbestos-related diseases is the prototype of an emerging risk and the largest and longest-running of all mass torts, beyond the individual time horizon of those involved. The Publication will facilitate realistic assessment of a global risk which takes different forms in each country.

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Anatomy of a mass tort

Knowledge Series
Risk, liability and insurance

Date of publication: 2012
Language: English
Order No.: 302-06142


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Extract from the contents

  • Introduction

  • Compensating asbestos victims
    • Complex damages – Asbestos from a reinsurer’s point of view
    • Asbestos industries: Rise, fall, and rise again?
    • Asbestos-related diseases and casualties
    • Structure of insurance markets and the role of employers’, environmental and product liability
    • Employers’ liability and workers’ compensation
    • Employees’ claims against employers
    • Subrogation of WC, health and disability insurers against employers
    • EL insurance

  • Country reports
    • UK: Compulsory EL insurance in the midst of social policy considerations
    • Ireland: Following the UK model
    • Italy: EL in a European welfare state I
    • Spain: EL in a European welfare state II
    • France: Funds and EL as an option
    • Czech Republic: First-party insurance with tort-law benefits
    • Japan: EL in the Japanese welfare state
    • Brazil: EL in a developing country


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