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On these pages, you can find a collection of all the audio and video files presented on our website. It gives you quick and easy access to multimedia material from the areas of Reinsurance, Investor Relations, Media Relations and Career.

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Piracy - Munich Re

Beijing branch celebrates 10 years

Duration: 04:54

The People’s Republic of China is not only the world’s most populous country but also has one of the fastest-growing economies, making its insurance market an increasingly attractive playing field. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Munich Re’s branch in Beijing.

Piracy - Munich Re

Effective insurance coverage for emerging countries

Duration: 05:22

Insured and economic losses caused by natural catastrophes around the world are on the increase. Due to rapidly rising living standards, excessive urbanisation and the consequences of climate change, some emerging countries are particularly affected.

Piracy - Munich Re

The power of risk research

Duration: 05:30

Natural catastrophes and especially severe weather events are increasing in frequency and severity all over the world - and the USA is no exception.

Piracy - Munich Re

Bringing our clients into pole position

Duration: 05:21

Munich Re’s Motor Consulting Unit experts combine professional expertise with a love of cars.

Piracy - Munich Re

40 years of Geo Risks Research

Duration: 05:21

Systematically recording, analysing and investigating climate change, natural catastrophes and their disastrous consequences: those are the core tasks of the Geo Risks Research unit that Munich Re set up 40 years ago.


Energy from the sources of the Nile

Duration: 04:44

Find out more about Munich Re's involvement in Uganda's largest ever run-of-river power station.

Photovoltaics - Munich Re

Natural gas for Europe

Duration: 03:50

Find out more about Munich Re's role as a reinsurer in the mammoth Nord Stream natural gas pipeline project.

Engineering - Munich Re

Solutions for ambitious major projects

Duration: 04:33

Find out from our engineers how Munich Re provides solutions worldwide for ambitious major projects like power plants.

Touch Space - Munich Re

Solutions for an ambitious industry

Duration: 05:57

Munich Re's space experts present the challenges, opportunities and solutions that satellite insurance involves.


Topics Online - the App for the magazine

Duration: 01:20

Take a look behind the scenes at Munich Re. We examine topics of current interest in the world of insurance, and present trends and the latest solutions and services from Munich Re.


Topics Renewables - the Munich Re App on renewable energies

Duration: 01:09

Find out about the technical aspects, in-depth background information and innovative insurance solutions that support a successful energy transition.

Wind power - Munich Re

Touch Engineering trailer

Duration: 01:16

In our information portal, we present our experts and solutions, using selected examples of major projects.

Reinsurance Image Film - Munich Re

Reinsurance image film

Duration: 02:40

Find out more about Munich Re.


connect.munichre trailer

Duration: 03:25

Our client portal offers detailed insights into the world of insurance and the latest news.



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