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Munich Re do Brasil Resseguradora S.A.




Services offered to our clients

Claims Adjustment
  • Support to claims adjustment of facultative risks and major contractual claims
  • Performance in collaboration with insurers’ claims department to define technical issues, interpretation and application of insurance clauses
  • Local and international expertise in major claims adjustment
Reinsurance Recovery
  • Fast and non-bureaucratic payment processing
Claims Review
  • Analysis and evaluation of insurers’ claims department processes (claims adjustment, reserve adjustment, judicial proceedings management, etc.) with a view to attaining technical improvement and providing general recommendations for improvement.
  • Contribution to wording revision based on the local and international claims experience
  • Technical seminars and workshops with the presence of local and international market experts
Other Services
  • Support to the engagement of the best professionals in the area of claims adjustment and assessments/surveys based on Munich Re’s vast experience in previous claims
  • Support to the hiring of legal assistance specializing on legal actions or complex claims
  • Conducting workshops and roundtables and discussion sessions with insurers on current technical themes
  • Specialized publications

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