Seminar Listings 2018

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Seminar Listings 2018

Your choices for on-site seminars at Munich Re

If you are interested in one of our seminars, please get in touch with your Client Manager or use our form „request for participation“ which you will find on the details of every seminar description.

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Topics Language Seminar Title Duration Dates 2018 Location
Casualty English Financial lines insurance 2 days May 2 - 4 Munich, Germany
Casualty Spanish Responsabilidad Civil – Seminario básico & Suscripción en el seguro de Danos 2 days March 6 - 7 Madrid, Spain
Claims English Casualty claims seminar 4 days June 12 – 15 Madison, USA
Claims English Claims executive conference   Q2 New Jersey, USA
Claims English Claims Management 4 days May 22 – 25 Johannesburg, South Africa
Claims Spanish Seminario anual sobre experiencia de siniestros   Q3, Q4 Distrito Federal, Mexico
Cyber English Cyber Sales Success for European Markets 2 days September 17 - 18 Munich, Germany
Cyber English Cyber Onboarding for European Markets 2 days September 19 - 20 Munich, Germany
Cyber English Cyber Empowerment for European Markets 2 days September 20 - 21 Munich, Germany
Engineering Spanish Curso avanzado de ramos técnicos (CART) 10 days June 11 - 22 Munich, Germany
Engineering English Engineering insurance – Technology and Insurance
(Fully booked, only waiting list!)
5 days June 18 - 22;
October 22 - 26
Munich, Germany
Engineering English Engineering Course 2018 5 days August 27 - 31 Johannesburg, South Africa
Engineering Spanish Seminario Regional de seguros de Ingeniería   Q3, Q4 Bogotá, Colombia
Life German Leistungsprüfung in der Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung - Grundlagen 5 days March 19 - 23 Munich, Germany
Life German Auswertung von Geschäftsunterlagen im BU-Leistungsfall  1 day June 13 Munich, Germany
Life German Munich Re Life Forum 1 day October 17 Munich, Germany
Life German Tagung Lebens- und Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung 2 days November 7 - 8 Munich, Germany
Marine English Marine – Field days
(Fully booked, only waiting list!)
3 days June 20 - 22 Bremerhaven, Germany
Marine English Marine – Hull, cargo and reinsurance
(Fully booked, only waiting list!)
8 days June 25 - July 4 Munich, Germany
Property English Advanced business interruption
(Fully booked, only waiting list!)
4 days October 15 - 18 Munich, Germany
Property English Complex property risks
(Fully booked, only waiting list!)
4 days June 12 - 15 Munich, Germany
Property Spanish Riesgos complejos en property 6 days September 23 - 28 Munich, Germany
Property Spanish Seminario Regional de Seguros Property Incendio   Q1, Q2 Bogotá, Colombia
Property Spanish Seminario avanzado en suscripción de ramos técnicos, incendio y responsabilidad civil   Q3, Q4 Distrito Federal, Mexico
Spanish Suscripción en el seguro de Daños 3 days October 8 - 10 Madrid, Spain
Reinsurance English Reinsurance 5 days August 20 - 24 Johannesburg, South Africa
Reinsurance English Reinsurance
(Fully booked, only waiting list!)
4 days September 17 - 20 Munich, Germany
Reinsurance English Capital Management 2 days April 11 - 12 Munich, Germany
Risk management English Dynamic analysis of risk and reinsurance techniques – DART   Q3, Q4 Singapore
Risk management English Enterprise risk management
(Fully booked, only waiting list!)
4 days June 26 - 29 Munich, Germany
*In response to the high demand from clients, in 2018 we will focus our English-language engineering seminars in Munich on the advanced-level “Engineering insurance II – Technology and Insurance”. The basic level seminar “Engineering insurance I – Wording” will not be run. We will continue to determine the content and frequency of our seminars to best meet the current needs of our clients.

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