Topics Risk Solutions - Issue 4/2015

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Topics Risk Solutions 4/2015

Our cooperation with the Stuttgart software house RIB Software AG will play a role in revolutionising the construction industry and the insurance of large projects

RIB’s iTWO software transforms construction projects into 5D visualisations, adding the crucial dimensions of time and cost to 3D virtual models. Since the iTWO 5D technology significantly reduces risk and provides a high level of transparency as well, for the first time, Munich Re is in a position to offer insurance cover for additional costs in construction projects. This is a win-win situation: the construction industry experiences greater predictability regarding project procedure, time and costs. And property developers and investors can at last take out insurance cover for additional costs.  All in all, the solution is innovative and sustainable.

Topics Risk Solutions 1/2014 - Munich Re

Topics Risk Solutions

Insurance solutions for industry
Issue 4/2015



Extract from the contents
  • iTwo PCI – Cooperation with RIB Software AG facilitates new insurance solutions
  • LED performance warranty – cooperation with DEKRA
  • Renewable Energy – Risk management for energy storage  
  • Column Michael Menhart: Iran – Outstanding opportunities, huge hurdles 

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