Topics Risk Solutions - Issue 4/2014

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Topics Risk Solutions 4/2014

When major natural catastrophes such as hurricanes or extensive flooding occur, the impact they have on economies and individual companies can be clearly seen in the figures. But even minor fluctuations in seasonal weather, although not ruinous, can significantly reduce corporate earnings. Weather derivatives are still a young but finely tuned instrument, which makes it possible to effectively smooth fluctuations in earnings. Since early 2014, our expanded unit, Munich Weather & Commodities Risk Advisors LLC, has offered intelligent weather hedging instruments worldwide.

Topics Risk Solutions 1/2014 - Munich Re

Topics Risk Solutions

Insurance solutions for industry
Issue 4/2014



Extract from the contents
  • Hedging non-catastrophal weather-related risks with sophisticated hedging instruments
  • New cover for construction risks
  • An experienced team offers better solutions for cash in transit companies
  • Interview: Investing in renewable energies is the low-cost option

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