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Topics Risk Solutions 3/2015

Ten years ago, New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating tropical cyclones ever, and a humanitarian catastrophe which claimed the lives of 1,000 of the city’s inhabitants. From today’s perspective, we need to ask: have we learned from this costly natural catastrophe – both as a society and as insurers? The first piece of good news is that the protective measures taken since Katrina have significantly reduced the flood risk in New Orleans; overall, the city is better prepared. The second is that since Katrina insurers and insured companies have been working more closely together in estimating risk.

And there is good news from elsewhere, too: A loss in Switzerland has also led to development of a new insurance solution. Together with our client, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), and other leading insurance partners, we have created an insurance solution for railways that, to date, is unique.

Topics Risk Solutions 1/2014 - Munich Re

Topics Risk Solutions

Insurance solutions for industry
Issue 3/2015



Extract from the contents
  • NDBI product innovation for railway companies
  • Hurricane Katrina – one of the most devastating natural catastrophes in the US
  • New Orleans: Great progress in flood control
  • Interview with Beatrix Hartinger: We offer more than products and insurance solutions
  • Watkins – Speciality: Not just for stars and starlets
  • Column Tobias Büttner: Loss mitigation by learning from losses

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