Topics Risk Solutions - Issue 3/2013

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Topics Risk Solutions 3/2013

The world is rapidly running out of fossil fuels. Nevertheless, worldwide demand for oil and gas continues to rise even as exploratory drilling and production are becoming more and more cost-intensive and hazardous. For decades, we have been insuring such risks. The energy underwriting team of Watkins keeps pace with technological development and tailors its range of insurance offerings to fulfil our clients’ increasingly demanding expectations.

The future belongs to regenerative energies, also in the interest of climate protection. We have partnered the growing renewable industries right from the start and pioneered ground-breaking insurance solutions. At this point, one of the important objectives is to refine risk management for these installations so that sustainable energy production will also pay off over the long term for all the stakeholders.

Topics Risk Solutions 3/2013 - Munich Re

Topics Risk Solutions

Insurance solutions for industry
Issue 3/2013



Extract from the contents
  • Renewable Energies: Even state-of-the-art power plants need adequate risk management
  • Delay-in-start-up: San Francisco insures pier for regatta
  • Oil and gas: Watkins offers clients seamless service
  • Column: Will we soon start paying in renminbi?

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