Topics Risk Solutions - Issue 2/2012

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Topics Risk Solutions 2/2012

2011 has been the most expensive natural disaster year to date, far surpassing the previous record, due in part to catastrophes such as the floods along the Mississippi or in Thailand. Those in Thailand particularly affected key industries and caused major business interruption losses. The impact was felt not only in Thailand but also in numerous other regions of the world, especially the USA. It suddenly hit home just how vulnerable the tightly networked global economy has become.

Topics Risk Solutions 2/2012 - Munich Re

Topics Risk Solutions

Insurance solutions for industry
Issue 2/2012



Extract from the contents
  • Flood under control
    • Interview with Claudia Hasse:
      Supply chains under water
    • Interview with Tobias Ellenrieder:
      Flood models need data flows
  • Combined coverage for construction and transport
  • Electrical equipment. New ways to prevent losses
  • Column: Globalisation has only just begun

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