Topics Risk Solutions - Issue 1/2015

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Topics Risk Solutions 1/2015

It is difficult to imagine that 100 million transistors could fit on the head of a pin but this technology is simply fascinating. Perhaps nanotechnology will soon enable us to store an entire computer memory on a single tiny chip. Hartford Steam Boiler has taken a bold step and is for the first time offering a new insurance product in the USA – one that also covers equipment breakdown involving physical damage that cannot be seen. This new policy is just one of our many innovations.

As an insurer, we support technical developments by providing financial protection and helping to avert losses with our risk expertise. Our report on power plants that produce electricity from waste is just one more example of the role we play.

Topics Risk Solutions 1/2014 - Munich Re

Topics Risk Solutions

Insurance solutions for industry
Issue 1/2015



Extract from the contents
  • Microelectronics: HSB is expanding its coverage with new product HSB TechAdvantage™
  • Waste as energy – HSB Engineering supports growing industry
  • Temple Insurance of Canada enhances its offerings
  • Synkronos Italia – a model project with growth opportunities
  • Column: Economy 2015 – Next boom not around the corner

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