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Workers' Compensation Insurance

A workers' compensation system can only be successful in the long term if it is optimally tailored to the parameters of the market and continuously monitored and adjusted. To adapt systems to suit the various market situations, Munich Re builds on its long-standing experience and international network, keeping abreast of developments in the international market. We take into account both current and future challenges, including muscular and skeletal diseases, mental illnesses, obesity and demographic change. In publications, symposiums and direct exchanges, we regularly provide our clients with information about the current market situation and other challenges, enabling them to respond in good time to foreseeable changes in claims development. In addition, Munich Re offers important information on effective risk management.

If fundamental changes to an existing system are required – for instance new pricing or incentivisation – we carry out evaluations and make recommendations. When new cover concepts are introduced, we deliver figures and statistics from comparable markets, thereby enhancing our clients' planning certainty. Given the long claims run-off and high long-tail exposure involved in the business, we advise our clients on the right reserving strategy. We also evaluate different financing methods and clarify national legal issues.

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