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The insurance of satellites with complex and new types of payload is where the know-how and experience of our aerospace experts really pays off. The deployment of previously untried satellites always raise questions about their insurability. A lot of hard work and dedication is required. Manufacturer’s technical specifications and presentations, discussions with the manufacturer, operator and broker all need to be analysed before the pieces of the puzzle can be assembled into a well-designed coverage concept. In particularly complex cases, Munich Re checks and develops the cover design, highlights potential gaps in cover and suggest suitable alternatives.

Space insurance is roughly divided into three main forms of cover, reflecting the various phases involved, from preparation and launch to operation of the satellite in orbit. Accordingly, Munich Re offers the following covers:

  • Prelaunch insurance
  • Launch insurance
  • In-orbit insurance

The solutions are individually tailored to the policyholder's needs and may cover loss of income as well as material damage.

Munich Re Touch

Touch Space Flight - Munich Re

Touch Space Flight

Once the satellite is in orbit, it is too late to carry out any repairs. Get to know the key aspects of space insurance.


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