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The applications of modern satellites are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, the projects ever more technically and commercially demanding. With its tailor-made insurance solutions, Munich Re helps to promote an entrepreneurial and innovative approach in the ambitious aerospace industry.

Satellites measure the earth, take the most breathtaking images of our planet, provide information for the weather and GPS, transmit TV and radio signals, and make telephone and internet communications possible even in remote areas.


Deployment of a satellite is a enormously risky venture for operators, as their plans start off on a piece of paper. Given the amounts at stake, this planning has to be right on the money. The investment costs for a satellite and its launch vehicle amount to some US$ 250–300m. For the operators of commercial satellite systems, financing such a venture is only possible with the help of extensive insurance protection.

On terra firma, at the launch and in orbit Space insurance covers all the risks

As one of the pioneers of space insurance, Munich Re has been the industry’s first choice for over 30 years. Munich Re’s Space Department offers the ideal combination of experienced technical and insurance experts: lawyers, telecommunications and satellite technology engineers, rocket specialists and underwriters make up an closely-knit team that is just as committed to tackling new issues and challenges as the satellite operators and their brokers.

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Touch Space Flight - Munich Re

Touch Space Flight

Once the satellite is in orbit, it is too late to carry out any repairs. Get to know the key aspects of space insurance.


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