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Capital Partners

In Capital Partners, experts from Munich Re in Munich and NewRe in Zurich and New York work in deal teams to develop unconventional risk transfer solutions for clients’ specific requirements. Solutions include insurance-linked securities (ILS), derivatives, retrospective covers, structured multi-line and multi-year covers and serve purposes such as captial strengthening, earnings smoothing or additional liquidity requirements. The dedicated team offers client and broker support including origination, analytics and structuring within one team. These solutions are developed in close collaboration with the existing client management and underwriting teams to provide unique value added for our customers.

Your benefits

  • Holistic approach: Traditional reinsurance solutions are complemented with alternative solutions including Insurance Linked Securities (ILS), derivatives, retrospective covers, structured multi-line and multi-year covers.
  • Support along the entire value chain
  • Single source and proximity to clients and markets: The business unit has hubs in Munich, Zurich and New York.
  • Streamlined interfaces with close cooperation between Client Management, Underwriting, Claims, and the unit's experts guarantee short response times.
  • Commitment, financial strength and reliability are guaranteed.

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