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Retroactive Reinsurance - Munich Re

Customized Portfolio Solutions

Retroactive Reinsurance

In Munich Re Customized Portfolio Solutions, you have a team of experienced actuarial, financial and strategic experts at your side. We combine the global reach, knowledge and financial strength of an internationally leading reinsurer with deep insights into local markets. Based in Munich, the team has been developing highly efficient retroactive and capital management reinsurance concepts since 1998. As Munich Re’s Centre of Competence for retroactive reinsurance, we are responsible for underwriting non-life solutions on a worldwide scale.


Based on your portfolio and strategic goals, we will work with your company’s top decision-makers to structure a high-performance retroactive solution precisely to your risk management and capital management needs. We offer full risk-transfer reinsurance products that combine the benefits of a loss portfolio transfer (LPT) and adverse development cover (ADC). Our comprehensive, consultative approach gives you the big picture, along with complete cost-benefit transparency.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Effectiveness: Retroactive reinsurance is a powerful capital and risk management solution, either on a stand-alone basis or in combination with other measures.
  • Flexibility: Coverage (attachment point, limit, etc.) can be flexibly geared to your needs.
  • Sustainability: The effect of a retroactive cover on your capital position will be immediate and sustainable.
  • Protection: On top of providing capital relief, retroactive reinsurance ensures protection against potential adverse reserve development.
  • Continuity: With all claims handling activities remaining in your hands, you continue to be the one that interacts with your clients.


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