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Financial Risks

Our range of services

With our integrated risk management approach, we support our clients in covering financial risks and using the capital markets for (re)insurance needs. Risk trading supplements our traditional range of reinsurance products.

The complexity of balance-sheet management and financing are increasing, and so are the resultant demands. At the same time, protection against isolated risks is diminishing in importance. Hence, what is called for is sophisticated risk management and innovative coverage concepts that support our clients in the optimum management of their financial risks.

These include improvement of capital flexibility in the insurance cycle, optimisation of key balance-sheet ratios, and growth financing. As a financially strong partner, Munich Re provides the necessary know-how and capacities.


Together with our clients, we devise individual coverage concepts for protection of their whole risk position. Such solutions may involve, for example, a combination of capital-market/alternative risk transfer and reinsurance cover. The art, in other words, is to skilfully combine “classic” and “innovative” forms of coverage with techniques of risk transfer and risk financing. In this way, we give our clients more flexibility, capacity and thus opportunity to focus on current and future challenges.


Munich Re can support its clients as a competent partner in all areas of risk trading. As a full-range trader, Munich Re covers the whole spectrum of capital market products and accompanies clients throughout the process.

Selected solutions and services

Capital, balance-sheet and result management
Tailored reinsurance solutions such as financial reinsurance, Solvency II concepts and long-term strategic partnership
Credit insurance
Covering commercial and political risks
Insurance of contingency risks
Event cancellation, film and residual value insurance, prize indemnity and productivity risk insurance


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