Manage Capital and Shareholder Value

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Manage Capital and Shareholder Value

Technical return is more important than ever in low-yield environments with the increasing shareholder expectations that many large organisations face today. Your organisation’s ability to flexibly manage volatility is key following strong financial performance in previous years that might lead to high expectations in current and future periods. The power of reinsurance solutions – both traditional and on the basis of structured risk transfer mechanisms – is that they can help boost your profitability when necessary. In times of limited earnings possibilities, locked-up capital can be freed in order to achieve sufficient returns for a given period.

Meeting the challenge

Whether your organisation seeks capital relief, or ways to improve capital efficiency, Capital Partners structures turnkey solutions. The structural features we offer can address your needs more flexibly than traditional financing models, which is why reinsurance is increasingly used to enhance capital returns. Listed below are just a few examples of the wide selection of tailored risk covers we can develop for you.

Capital management solution components:

Retrospective Covers

Where liabilities from past underwriting years absorb capital and other business resources retrospective cover solutions transfer legacy underwriting risks and enable you to more efficiently concentrate your capital resources on growing current and future business.

Complex Aggregate XL

Aggregate excess of loss with several sections / lines of business and structural features allow your organisation high flexibility regarding transfer of underlying risks.

Multi-year solutions

You can choose tailor-made multi-year structures flexibly adaptable to your expectations.

Jaques Studer

Like time, capital is a valuable resource. Cut to the chase and discuss optimising your organisation’s capital position with us directly.

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