Capital Partners: beyond pure risk transfer

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Capital Partners – Beyond pure risk transfer

Go beyond traditional reinsurance with alternative risk transfer solutions that increase your organisation’s ability to improve capital management, earnings smoothing, meet capital strengthening and other solvency requirements. Depending on your specific needs, solutions might include Insurance Linked Securities (ILS), derivatives, retrospective covers, structured multi-line, multi-year covers or other instruments. Whatever your capital challenges may be, we are confident we can resolve them, together.

5 reasons clients choose Capital Partners

  1. Turnkey reinsurance-based corporate finance solutions from a single source
  2. A flexible approach using instruments proven successful by clients around the globe
  3. Continuous exploration of new solutions for specific motivations arising in changing markets
  4. Support from custom-built Deal Teams interconnected with experts and Client Managers of Munich Re globally
  5. Streamlined client interfaces that ensure close cooperation and short response times

Manage Capital and Shareholder Value

Technical return is more important than ever in low-yield environments with the increasing shareholder expectations that many large organisations face today.

Benefit from Solvency and Rating Support

Insurance regulation and supervision is evolving in countries all over the world and this forces organisations to meet more stringent capital requirements.

Support your Corporate Reorganisation

Reorganisations of a company often feature acquisitions or divestments as well as run-offs that typically involve significant risks.

Advance in Disaster Risk Management

When disasters strike, the response needs to be both immediate and adequate.

Optimize Retention and Reinsurance Structure

As markets change, portfolios evolve, new types and levels of risk emerge that might include cybercrime, political risks or supply chain risks.

Gain Business Plan Protection

Even the best laid business plans can encounter disruptions.

Work with Capital Partners
around the world

Jaques Studer

Like time, capital is a valuable resource. Cut to the chase and discuss optimising your organisation’s capital position with us directly.

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