Advance in Disaster Risk Management

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Advance in Disaster Risk Management

When disasters strike, the response needs to be both immediate and adequate. No matter whether damage is precipitated by natural disasters or economic interruption is triggered by infectious disease outbreaks, insurance payments made after lengthy evaluations are of little use in addressing the emergency response needed to mitigate crisis escalation. The sooner large event losses are indemnified and economic disruptions are resolved the lower the economic long-term costs of catastrophes will be. As a responsible organisation or authority you require solutions that enable you to act immediately.

Meeting the challenge

Your risk governance requires fast payments and a broad and diversified source of risk capital.
To provide you with the best support, we supply all-round services in the realm of disaster risk financing tools, whether in reinsurance or Insurance Linked Securities format. Our range of services starts with the analysis of exposure via the structuring of risk transfer solutions and ends with risk taking. Disaster risk financing solutions typically include parametric triggers for swift response and emergency relief and structuring of ILS to give your organisation access to additional capital where required.

Disaster risk management components:

Parametric trigger covers

Based on objectively measurable phenomena (e.g. earthquake magnitude or hurricane wind speed) these covers provide your organisation with rapid liquidity in case of a natural disaster.

Insurance-linked securities

Risk transfer of catastrophe risks via Cat Bonds, Sidecars or Cat Swaps: As a frequent issuer of cat bonds and sidecars for the protection of Munich Re’s own book of business we provide you with up-to-date know-how and expertise in structuring ILS transactions as well as access to broader financing potential.

Jaques Studer

Like time, capital is a valuable resource. Cut to the chase and discuss optimising your organisation’s capital position with us directly.

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