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The implementation of the new supervisory requirements in various countries is a paradigm shift for many insurers. Munich Re’s Capital Partners Analytics Team is committed to increasing clients’ awareness of this important issue and helping them cope with the changes ahead.

Risk-based supervisory systems and value-based management will have a fundamental effect on the significance of reinsurance, because under the new rules the impact of our core product on cedants’ risk capital requirement and economic balance sheet is clear. This means that the effect of reinsurance can be quantified even more precisely.

However, as a result, companies’ expectations of risk-transfer structures will rise, with traditional, substantially standard reinsurance programmes increasingly being replaced by solutions finely tailored to clients’ risk profiles and balance sheets.

What does this mean for our clients? Since reinsurance will become a key capital and risk management tool, any reinsurance structure will have to address these two aspects directly, which will create additional challenges for many companies.

Our broad range of services reflects our clients’ diverse needs, from providing basic knowledge through our Knowledge Series publications to supplying specialist actuarial and risk management expertise built up by Munich Re over many years for its own use within the Group. The aim is always the same, i.e. to help clients make the best possible use of reinsurance.

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