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Agriculture insurance products

Agriculture insurance started off with hail insurance more than a century ago. Today, all kinds of agricultural production risks can be covered in all agricultural areas, be it open-air crop production or in greenhouses, livestock, aquaculture or forestry. Beyond pure agriculture, Munich Re is an expert in pet and bloodstock insurance.

The focus of agriculture insurance policies lies in thoughtful risk assessment, risk-specific design of policy conditions and an experienced loss assessment process for indemnity-based products or a reliable and transparent procedure of yield assessment for multi-peril crop insurance products. Efficient distribution and claims management are additional challenges.

  • Crop hail insurance: Coverage of hail on standing crops
  • Multi-peril crop insurance: Coverage of all natural perils (drought, excessive rainfall, frost, windstorm, etc.)
  • Revenue insurance: Coverage of natural perils (drought, excessive rainfall, frost, windstorm, etc.) linked to commodity price fluctuations
  • Livestock insurance: Coverage includes animal accident and life insurance, transport and quarantine, business interruption due to epidemics, diseases, technical malfunction
  • Greenhouse insurance: Coverage of the failure of technical facilities (e.g. heating, irrigation systems) and natural hazards (hail, wind, etc.)
  • Insurance of forestry plantations: Coverage of forestry plantations, risk management of planted trees
  • Aquaculture insurance: Coverage of aquaculture stock and equipment
  • Bloodstock insurance: Coverage includes all risk of mortality including accident (ARM), theft or foal insurance and various other coverages
  • Pet insurance: Health insurance for dogs and cats that can include animal accidents

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