Insurance companies – Reinsurance solutions for long-term commitments

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Insurance companies – Reinsurance solutions for long-term commitments

Agricultural insurance companies are our main partners. In collaborating with them, we endeavour to drive future developments. Munich Re offers insurance companies risk capacity for reinsurance solutions and agricultural expert knowledge and services for all agricultural insurance products.

There are many disciplines involved in managing insurance companies’ agricultural risks: product design and portfolio management are two of them. At the same time, insurance companies need to take into account the increasing effects of climate change: late frost, heavy rain, heatwaves, drought and windstorms in ever greater frequency and severity have a tremendous effect on farmers’ production and thus the business of crop insurance companies. To continue providing attractive insurance products on a long-term basis, crop insurers need a strong partner in reinsurance.

Munich Re supports insurance companies around the world with individual reinsurance solutions and valuable input for their portfolio management and product design, customised by our agricultural insurance experts.




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