Agribusiness – Solutions for agricultural risks along the value chain

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Agribusiness – Solutions for agricultural risks along the value chain

Munich Re offers enterprises, cooperatives and other organisations in the entire agricultural value chain risk transfer solutions that support their individual strategies.

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Although agricultural suppliers, agricultural production companies, trading and logistics firms, and food manufacturers face a range of different challenges, they all need to make sure their own agricultural risk management is performing optimally. Therefore, relieving the balance sheet of unbalanced risks in agricultural production is the most intuitive strategy.

Adding an agricultural insurance product as a marketing tool to their own products has specific strategic value with regard to customer retention. This additional service feature helps customers to balance their risks and enables them to access insurance coverage where there is no market for insurance available.

For this and beyond, a tailor-made solution is required. Munich Re supports the entire value chain of the global agribusiness sector. We offer a wide range of agriculture risk transfer solutions at industry, farm and field level. And depending on the individual requirements, we offer both insurance policies and financial products, such as weather derivatives.




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