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The leading global retakaful operator

Munich Re’s retakaful unit is a fully-fledged retakaful operator licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia in December 2007 to conduct worldwide general (non-life) and family (life) retakaful business. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia we are set up to be Munich Re's international retakaful hub.

In line with AAOIFI standards we are operating on a pure wakala model for both family and general retakaful.

Munich Re addresses the specific needs of Islamic societies by using the Group’s exceptional technical expertise in providing viable techniques to implement the rules set by Shari’a-scholars. This not only fosters mutually profitable growth in local markets, but also benefits the development of the global takaful industry. In addition, our clients profit from the excellent financial solidity and the technical expertise of the Munich Re Group.

Munich Re’s retakaful unit in Kuala Lumpur operates as a branch of Munich Re and has full and unconditional financial backing from Munich Re. The latest ratings clearly demonstrate that we are one of the financially strongest retakaful operators worldwide.

Shari'a Advisory Board
We are convinced that there is ample space for innovation and optimization in Islamic finance. This is why we see advice for Shari'a compliance as a chance for innovation, not as a limitation.

Our operation is closely supervised by our honorable Shari'a Advisory Board that represents the three main regions of the Islamic world: Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the Indian sub continent. This ensures that our operation is Shari'a compliant at all times regardless of local customs.

It is our strategy not only to have scholars with in-depth understanding of modern finance and risk management tools; but to use practitioners that have, in turn, acquired knowledge of Shari’a (CIMA, Ph.D.). Only by linking expertise from multiple disciplines can our innovative approach succeed.

Following the credo that Shari’a compliance is an innovation driver, our Shari’a approach is flexible only when it comes to developing new ideas; but not in terms of implementation of conventional solutions.

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