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Medical underwriting excellence at your fingertips

Successful underwriting in todays complex private health insurance market demands simplicity and effectiveness. Because in todays competitive and growing health insurance market, accurate risk assessment coupled with swift and straight-forward application processing separates forward-looking, client-centred insurers from those still stuck in the old paradigm. Efficient and accurate medical underwriting can do more than streamline your workflows – it can secure business growth and profit.

NORMRISK Health is a state-of-the-art tool for assessing individual health insurance risks. The service places sophisticated and internationally recognised health risk knowledge at your underwriters fingertips.

Good reasons to choose NORMRISK Health:


  • More than 100,000 users, working with 50 licence holders worldwide
  • Fully developed and tested technology


  • Fully-fledged consultation
  • Prompt integration of existing products to be assessed
  • Customisation wherever required

Efficiency and effectiveness

  • Higher performance, lower loss ratios
  • Substantial cost-saving opportunities
  • Consistency in procedures and decisions


  • Quick delivery, easy implementation
  • Continuous support and training
  • No maintenance fee for standardised version


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