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Business Analytics

See the opportunities and risks of tomorrow

Imagine being able to identify tomorrow’s cost drivers and business opportunities. Imagine a tool that enables you to conduct comprehensive analyses and generate statisticsbased prognoses. Imagine knowing today

  • which insureds would buy which additional products, which insureds might soon cancel their policies or, having done so, might be won back;
  • which claims involve fraud or misuse;
  • which insureds have which future medical and thus financial risks;
  • which providers will deliver the highest-quality medical care in the long term.

In our Business Analytics solutions, Munich Re offers you a set of key management instruments that place you in a position to prepare for future developments - and turn knowledge into business.

Good reasons to implement a predictive modeling solution from Munich Re Tailored to your needs

  • You control precisely where and to what extent the models are applied – a guarantee of cost efficiency and pragmatism
  • As your reinsurer, we share your goal of healthy growth for your business
  • Decades of consulting experience, specific technical knowledge in the health insurance segment and our research-centred statistical expertise guarantee efficient consulting
  • State-of-the-art approaches and methodologies backed by our intensive cooperation with our strategic partner, the University of Munich’s Institute for Statistics, ensure that the latest research results are included in our  solutions on a timely basis.
  • Predictive accuracy may improve over conventional statistical analysis methods by up to 50% in claims and as much as 200% in sales and marketing – proven in a large number of international projects.


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