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Business Analytics

We offer an extensive range of services – from targeted support in the development phase to end-to-end solutions. From comprehensive assistance in calculating models and consulting on software selection to development and maintenance of complete prognosis systems and staff training.

Sales and marketing
Utilise direct marketing with exceptional efficiency:


  • Significantly lower cost per successful contact than in conventional direct marketing measures, due to far better response and sales quotas
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction, thanks to offers that address real needs

Claims management
Business Analytics provides valuable insights in the area of claims management. Healthcare costs for specific diagnoses such as diabetes can be individually forecasted. Measures can be taken to control these costs – for example, by introducing disease management programmes. Your benefits:


  • Reduced claims
  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to appropriate and effective treatment that improves the insureds quality of life

Quality management
Business Analytics supports quality management. You can rank providers according to uniform quality standards, for instance, to identify those that deliver minimal or even insufficient service. Steps based on this knowledge lead to:


  • Improved quality coupled with cost reduction due to avoidance of follow- up expenses incurred in cases of ineffective treatment
  • Greater customer satisfaction due to optimal healthcare throughout your network


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