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Munich Health – Strategy

Today more than ever, health insurers are called upon to apply their knowledge and skills in keeping medical expenses under control and making quality healthcare accessible to as many people as possible. Drawing on vast experience and resources on all levels of the healthcare insurance and service value chain, Munich Health is the ideal partner in mastering these challenges. To this end, Munich Health exploits the synergies between the fields of business of insurance, reinsurance and risk management services, and draws on global expertise to meet local requirements.

Munich Health knows no boundaries. For the first time, we are using our new brand to house the collected healthcare knowledge of Munich Re (Group) under one roof and are thus taking advantage of a unique growth potential along the complete value chain. This accords Munich Health a true pioneering role on the international health markets, and makes us a key driver in the Munich Re (Group). We are breaking new ground and setting tomorrow’s standards today by virtue of our commitment and expertise.

Services throughout the value chain
Munich Health delivers integrated solutions covering the entire value chain. Our spectrum ranges from cost and risk management to tailored healthcare services. The innovative set-up of the Munich Health business segment leverages the health-relevant experience, capacity and tools of Munich Re. The synergies arising from this model, encompassing primary insurance and reinsurance as well as risk management, are a source of sustainability and efficiency in providing individual answers to diverse client needs.

Focus: The entire value chain

Munich Health Strategy - Munich Re

Munich Re

Synergies between three fields of business

  • Health reinsurance and services: We draw on the decades of experience and strong, international market standing of Munich Re in health reinsurance sector.
  • Primary health insurance: We provide primary insurance via Munich Re companies around the world.
  • Risk management and services: We operate MedNet offices in numerous countries to provide local insurance clients with managed care services appropriate for the markets.

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