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4 September 2018 | Group

Munich Re acquires tech company relayr

11 September 2016 | Reinsurance

Munich Re expands the boundaries of insurability

15 March 2016 | Die Gruppe

New CEO at Munich Re (Group)

23 November 2015 | ERGO

ERGO sells Italian subsidiaries

13 September 2015 | Reinsurance

Munich Re drives innovation

3 September 2013 | Reinsurance

Munich Re to acquire US weather risks specialist

8 February 2011 | Reinsurance

First guarantee insurance for wind power plants

23 December 2010 | Group

Munich Re invests in wind energy

13 April 2010 | Group

Munich Re reduces stake in Helvetia

25 November 2009 | Group

Munich Re announces squeeze-out at ERGO

27 October 2008 | Reinsurance

Munich Re sees turnaround in the cycle

20 February 2007 | Reinsurance

New Chief Risk Officer: Joachim Oechslin

5 January 2005 | Group

Munich Re with new internet website

15 October 2004 | Reinsurance

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