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One year after the earthquake in Japan

One year ago, on 11 March 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake hit Japan; it was the most powerful earthquake ever to strike the country and unleashed a catastrophe. Since then, thousands of aftershocks have occurred, the strongest with a 7.9 magnitude. Munich Re reviews the catastrophe and its consequences.

50th Anniversary of the North Sea Flood of Hamburg

Following the severe storm surge 50 years ago, massive investment in flood controls have saved the city of Hamburg and its inhabitants losses in the two-digit billion range. This is the result obtained from calculations undertaken by Munich Re on the anniversary of the natural catastrophe

Cold snap in Europe

Siberian cold front Cooper has much of the European continent firmly in its grip. Munich Re has compiled a selection of facts on Europe's most severe cold waves.

Bicentenary of the New Madrid earthquake

One of the severest earthquakes ever to hit North America occurred 200 years ago in the US Midwest. In view of the very high hazard and loss potential, the still active rift zone continues to attract our attention, even if quakes in this region tend to be very rare occurrences. We have compiled relevant information and background material for you in a dossier.

Climate Summit in Durban

To boost the campaign being waged on global warming despite the stalled UN climate negotiations, a core group of countries that have already set their climate goals needs to take the lead and concentrate all their efforts on promoting renewable energy.

Hurricane season 2011

Hurricane “Irene” is the first massive storm this year that approached the U.S. coast. We have compiled information and background material on hurricanes and natural catastrophes for you in a dossier.

Earthquake in Japan

The devastating magnitude 9.0 earthquake on 11 March which shook the northeast coast of the main island Honshu was the fourth most severe ever measured anywhere in the world. We have compiled information and background material on the catastrophe for you in a dossier.

Climate Summit in Cancún

Climate protection concerns us all. Climate change is a fact, and it is almost entirely made by man.

World Cup in South Africa

On the eve of the World Cup: Munich Re in Africa

Expo Shanghai

“Better City, Better Life” is the motto of the World Exposition that has been running in Shanghai since May. The challenges to and opportunities for megacities are the central theme of the Shanghai Expo.

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