Press Dossiers: Earthquake in Japan

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25 March 2011

Press Dossiers

Earthquake in Japan

Background, implications, prevention

On 11 March, the northeast coast of the main island Honshu was severely shaken by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. This caused a massive tsunami, which devastated whole towns on the northeast coast. The earthquake was not only the strongest ever recorded in Japan; it was the fourth most severe ever measured anywhere in the world. With a possible death toll running into thousands and immense economic losses, the catastrophe in Japan continues to be the focus of public interest, not least due to the dangerous situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant which is still not under control.

Our dossier compiles key information to facilitate your evaluation of this event. It contains recent communications by Munich Re on the earthquakes in Japan as well as fundamental information on the causes of and scientific background to earthquakes. Articles on earthquake-resistant construction and prevention explain how earthquake losses can be minimised in advance and outline the role of Munich Re over and above its function as a risk carrier. These allow organisations such as the UN, for example, to make use of our expertise in natural hazard modelling.

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