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Annual General Meeting 2007

Voting results

Voting results of the Annual General Meeting of the Munich Reinsurance Company on 26 April 2007

At the 120th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 26 April 2007 at the ICM – International Congress Centre Munich – the result of the voting on the different items of the agenda was as follows ( click here for further details of the items). 45.17% of the share capital was represented.

Item 2

Resolution on the appropriation of the net retained profits from the financial year 2006
Yes votes: 97,317,847
No votes: 560,999
Management proposal adopted with 99.43% in favour.  
Item 3
Resolution to approve the actions of the Board of Management
Yes votes: 97,525,850
No votes: 316,813
Management proposal adopted with 99.68% in favour.  
Item 4
Resolution to approve the actions of the Supervisory Board
Yes votes: 97,423,243
No votes: 415,051
Management proposal adopted with 99.58% in favour.  
Item 5
Authorisation to buy back and use own shares  
Yes votes: 94,028,087
No votes: 3,205,391
Management proposal adopted with 96.70% in favour.  
Item 6
Authorisation to buy back own shares using derivatives
Yes votes: 94,399,826
No votes: 2,630,945
Management proposal adopted with 97.29% in favour.  
Item 7
Amendment to Article 2 of the Articles of Association (Public announcements and information)
Yes votes: 97,798,285
No votes: 62,143
Management proposal adopted with 99.94% in favour.  
Item 8
Amendment to Article 8 para. 1 of the Articles of Association (Chair of the Annual General Meeting)
Yes votes: 97,409,910
No votes: 451,966
Management proposal adopted with 99.54% in favour.  
Item 9
Approval of domination and profit-transfer agreement
Yes votes: 96,792,605
No votes: 21,365
Management proposal adopted with 99.98% in favour.  

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