Investor & Rating Agency Relations’ mission

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Mission IR - Munich Re

Investor & Rating Agency Relations' mission

Investor & Rating Agency Relations is a central function responsible for Munich Re’s communication with the capital market. Its main objective is an active communication to support a fair capital-market valuation of Munich Re shares and outstanding bonds.

Active and efficient communication has an external and an internal focus:

External communication

  • External communication with investors, financial analysts, rating agencies and other capital market participants should increase the transparency of Munich Re’s recent financial performance, strategy and its expectations about future perspectives, while complying with the principles of a credible, accurate, complete and timely provision of relevant information.
  • External communication has the goal of achieving a fair valuation and optimising the cost of capital by increasing information efficiency between Munich Re and the financial community and developing a relationship of trust with our investor base.

Internal communication

  • Internal communication entails the transmission of investors’ and creditors’ demands, and the capital markets’ perception of Munich Re, to management and staff.
  • Internal communication aims to support management in the setting of ambitious targets as well as in the execution of a value-based and shareholder-oriented strategy.

Investor & Rating Agency Relations facilitates targeted, systematic and ongoing communication between current and potential investors, financial analysts and rating agencies on the one hand, and Munich Re’s senior management on the other, with the aim of enhancing Munich Re’s visibility and attractiveness in the international financial community.

We thereby conform to the principles for the conduct of Investor Relations activities recommended by the German Investor Relations Association (Deutscher Investor Relations Verband (DIRK) e.V.).

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