Solvency II

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Solvency II - The next revolution - Munich Re

Solvency II / ERM - The next revolution

Solvency II poses a huge challenge for the whole insurance industry.

Munich Re laid the foundations for Solvency II at a very early stage. Our clients benefit from our experience and our solutions.

Working together in partnership - Munich Re

Working together in partnership to deal with Solvency II

Solvency II poses huge challenges for our clients: risk management expenditure will rise and risk capital requirements will tend to increase.

Stratgic corporate and risk management - Munich Re

Strategic corporate and risk management

Risk management and strategic corporate management will become more professional as a result of Solvency II. Examples and solutions from Munich Re.


October 2015

Reinsurance in a changing world

The paper discusses the current macroeconomic environment of low interest rates, increased volatility, high uncertainty and the various challenges these developments pose for (re-)insurers. Based on this solutions offered by Munich Re for an integrated risk and capital management are highlighted.

July 2015

EIOPA has published the "Guidelines on application of outwards reinsurance arrangements to the non- life underwriting risk sub-module“ in spring

In the Knowledge Series, we look at the methods and approaches set out by EIOPA in the Guidelines. Specific reinsurance products are considered and the effect of risk mitigation is illustrated.


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