Emerging risks – Systematic early identification in the maze of dependencies

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Systematic early identification in the maze of dependencies

Topics emerging risks

Our risk landscape is becoming more and more complex. Globalisation and information technology are combining to create a high degree of networking and dependencies. Emerging risk management needs to understand the different interactions between these risks and to give clear recommendations.

An intelligent database helps us keep an eye on the various interactions. Many risks have been investigated in such depth that verifiable causal chains can now be represented. However, for most risks there has been only a small amount of data gathered so far. Compensating for this, however, there is a qualitative understanding that is bringing greater transparency into the risk situation.

Here is a selection of topics we are currently investigating:

Scarcity of Resources - Munich Re

Scarity of resources

The number of delivery bottlenecks for fossil fuels, rare earth elements and industrial metals will probably increase in future. Even the safe supply of drinking water will gain in importance due to increasing demand and because of dependency on local sources.

Technology at the limits of controalbility - Munich Re

Technology at the limits of controllability

Energy production facilities, methods of transport and buildings are becoming bigger and more efficient, and at the same time more complex. In some cases, this means that they are becoming increasingly difficult for people to control. Current losses from oil platforms or wide-body aircraft, and increasing risks with major infrastructure projects, prove the increasing exposure of technological peak performances.

Demographic trend - Munich Re

Demografic trend

People are living longer, particularly in industrialised countries, while birth rates are falling. Demographic change is transforming our society, and calling for new solutions from the insurance industry, for example to future-proof provision for old age and prepare the health sector for new challenges.

IT Risks - Munich Re

IT risks

There are major repercussions from the growing use of information technology (IT) in society and business. The bewildering pace of development is changing our work lives and patterns of social behaviour, and creating new background conditions for industry, trade, transport, energy and the supply of raw materials. Healthcare systems, international economic and political relations, and military systems, are also undergoing constant change as a result of rapid advances in IT.

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